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Happy birthday, Poffster!

Thankies! ^w^ 

Time to do Birthday things!*dances in Velika for 5 hours*

Time to do Birthday things!

*dances in Velika for 5 hours*



Without the tube!

Duckie feets!

Rebloggin oldie summer stuff

x_xI’ve been slackin again :T


I’ve been slackin again :T

For great justice! o7

For great justice! o7

NPCs say the darndest things…

Is there someone you miss hanging out with??

Oh, a bunch of people. Old friends that I never really got to say goodbye to. Old friends that just kinda faded away. Old Guildes. I won’t say any names in particular, since I’d feel the need to mention everybody, and I can’t because of my bad memory. ^^;

..It’s hard for me to come to terms with the fact that not everyone will stay in my life forever. Ya see, I’m the kinda person that likes to hang onto as many friendships as possible, causing major confusion for me when sorting my overflowing friends list. I’m afraid I’ve forgotten more than half of the people on there, and quite a few just don’t show up any more. Nevertheless, I keep them there in the hopes that one day, they’ll be back.

So yes, there are many people I miss hanging out with, even if we only talked sparingly. For now, I’ll wait here with the doors open, just in case a familiar face wanders on through. :3

Wooshy teleporting!

Somehow got some good shots. :D